About VAULT Consulting

Vault Consulting, LLC works to design and offer a market leading healthcare solution that leverages the recently expanded role of associations. Our goal is to provide a better and more affordable healthcare option for small AND large employers. We also endeavor to share information with clients on the topic of Benefits and Human Resources best practices including changes in the law of which you should be aware. With the market research that Vault Consulting has done, it can be found that the price of healthcare is not the only concern to employers. They also care about the quality of benefits they are receiving. When we work with our clients, it is not only about the money or the cost. We want to make sure that your employees will be taken care of and offered market leading benefits. 

Recently, VAULT Consulting has been working with multiple associations following the changing guidelines around Association Health Plans (AHP). It has become increasingly difficult for smaller, independent employers to compete with large corporate employers simply on the basis of the health benefits that they are able to offer and at the cost they are able to do so. With an Association Health Plan, VAULT Consulting has been able to assist the smaller, independent employers through offering those same competitive benefits at a great price and value.

The VAULT Approach

Step 1: Data Collection & Analysis

Data is king. With data, Vault Consulting will be able to analyze your association and what the best strategy is going to be in order to save your members money on their employee health benefits.

Step 2: Member Engagement

Member engagement is important as we collect additional information from your members directly. The data from them and their engagement in the collection of that data is vital.

Step 3: AHP Strategy & Implementation

With analysis completed, we are able to recommend a strategy and implementation plan for your association. We will never recommend a plan that won’t deliver the agreed to results.

The VAULT Strategy

With the recent changes in the Health Insurance world, Vault Consulting has developed a proven road map to help associations determine:

A) If an Association Health Plan (AHP) is the right answer for their members

B) Will an AHP better position the association within their industry; And if appropriate,

C) Determine the right approach to designing and implementing an AHP

Insurance companies are still trying to figure out how to support associations as they scramble to be ready for the April 1, 2019 affective date of the new rules and regulations. We understand that an AHP may not be the right answer for every association. A disciplined approach to assessing your members’ needs and designing the right plan that will meet the majority of their needs is critical. It is far better to launch the right Association Health Plan than to launch for the sake of launching.